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    March 05, 2020

    IEP Helsinki: Ultimate Preparation Guide

    after finding out i was placed in helsinki i was ecstatic!..and a little nervous! in this blog you'll find tips and tricks on how to love your time in finland.

    March 01, 2020

    Preparation and Traveling to Bangkok, Thailand

    云南快乐十分开奖前三组operation: get jeremiah to bangkok was a success!!!

    February 22, 2020

    Preparing for Melbourne, Australia

    hi, my name is bobby sillman, and i am studying at the university of melbourne this semester!

    read on for more information about how i prepared to move to australia.

    February 15, 2020

    Travel Tuesday: Toledo

    my name is mia price, and this semester i am studying at uc3m in madrid, spain! 



    February 09, 2020

    Arriving in Tours, France

    云南快乐十分开奖前三组it's been a month since i’ve arrived in france and i have reached a content place in my study abroad life...