USC Marshall China Research Group

the usc china research group aims to advance understanding of the business environment of china and its relation to the global economy and international relations. we conduct academic research, exchange information, and disseminate knowledge to the public and policymakers, leveraging expertise of faculty members in the marshall school, across usc, and among other affiliated scholars. among the issues we consider are how institutions such as political economy, law and social norm and culture shape the business environment, the organizations and operations of enterprises in china, and the relation between the chinese business environment and american business. we aim to become a central intellectual hub for scholars, business leaders, and policymakers, and eventually to position usc as a central institution for the creation and discussion of knowledge concerning the chinese business environment.

Weekly Workshops

云南快乐十分开奖前三组the usc marshall china research group offers weekly research workshops available to all.

USC Marshall China Workshop (2019-2020 Spring Semester) Mondays 11am-12pm  **Hosted virtually on Zoom** Email Bo Yang ( for the Zoom link.




Title of presentation

云南快乐十分开奖前三组1/15/2020 (note: wednesday, time and location remain the same)

monash university, economics

meritocracy and dual leadership: historical evidence and an interpretation


TJ Wong

云南快乐十分开奖前三组usc leventhal school of accounting

The Effect of Real-name Registration Policy on Information Quality: Evidence From an Online Stock Forum in China


Nan Jia

usc marshall school of business

Do Trade Sanction Induce Firm Innovation?


uc riverside, political science

云南快乐十分开奖前三组local economic benefits increase positivity toward foreigners


云南快乐十分开奖前三组georgetown university, mcdonough school of business

云南快乐十分开奖前三组from click to boom: the political economy of e-commerce in china


carnegie mellon university, college of engineering, engineering and public policy

云南快乐十分开奖前三组scaffolds and intermediaries: how institutional infrastructure can alleviate normative and cognitive barriers to regulatory changes supporting entrepreneurship


northwestern university, kellogg school of management

云南快乐十分开奖前三组the role of private disclosures in markets with weak institutions: evidence from a market liberalization in china

5/4/20; 5pm-6pm Pacific Time

云南快乐十分开奖前三组nanyang technological university, nanyang business school

what do we learn from sars-cov-1 to sars-cov-2: evidence from global stock markets


Tianshu Sun

云南快乐十分开奖前三组usc marshall school of business

the value of personal data in internet commerce: a high-stake field experiment on data regulation policy


uc irvine, political science

localized citizenship: economic development, migration and inclusion in china


university of toronto, rotman school of management

governance efficiency and the recovery of economy from the covid-19 pandemic: evidence from china

6/1/20; 5pm-6pm Pacific Time

云南快乐十分开奖前三组chinese university of hong kong, political science


6/8/20; 5pm-6pm Pacific Time

云南快乐十分开奖前三组fudan university, economics


6/15/20; 5pm-6pm Pacific Time

hong kong university of science and technology, business school



university of california, san diego



university of chicago, political science



Bo Yang

usc marshall school of business



princeton university, economics



stanford university, political science department

云南快乐十分开奖前三组clans and calamity: how social capital saves lives during china's great famine


yale university, law school



the usc marshall china research group hosts and cohosts major conferences every year. below is information on our conferences.

The China Conference - Institutions, Markets and Firms, May 17-18, 2019 云南快乐十分开奖前三组(sponsored by USC Marshall Institute for Outlier Research in Business)

Text Analysis for Asia and Beyond, January 11-12, 2019 (co-hosts and sponsors: USC Center for International Studies, USC East Asian Studies Center, USC Shinso Ito Center for Japanese Religions and Culture)

USC Marshall China Research Day, March 30-31, 2018 (sponsored by USC Marshall School of Business)


云南快乐十分开奖前三组the usc marshall china research group offers a variety of courses at the graduate level.

  • ACCT 574 Accounting and Corporate Governance in Global Business Environment (PDF document)

  • MOR 599 Winning in Emerging Markets

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Nan Jia
T.J. Wong

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