Arriving in Tours, France

it's been a month since i’ve arrived in france and i have reached a content place in my study abroad life...

February 09, 2020
• by
Tatiana Turner

Chateux d'AmboiseIt has been about a month since I’ve arrived in France and I have reached a content place in my study abroad life. I am comfortable in my new city, making new friends every outing, trying new things and overall having fun. 

It hasn’t always been like this, however. In the weeks leading up to my departure, goodbyes became harder and I anxiously packed and repacked until I was certain I had everything I needed. Luckily I already had my visa, housing, classes chosen, and plane tickets found- so I did not have much to worry about thanks to Sean’s What do I Do Next timeline - it really does help! 

Me & the Eiffel Tower

i arrived in france with my mom, dad, and younger brother. it was all of our very first times in europe. we did the cliche tourist bus tour of of paris and we snapped pictures in awe of everything we saw. after spending a few days in the city of love and lights, it was finally time to head to tours- my new home. 

云南快乐十分开奖前三组tours is the perfect small city/medium town. i find myself surprised weekly with what it has to offer and the new locations i end up discovering. coming from living in la my whole life, i didn’t think i would like the small city lifestyle, but i am pleasantly surprised and content. it’s a refreshing change from my ordinary and i am learning to find pleasure in the little things. it is a place filled with lots of history and culture. as my teacher informed us, “it is a great place to learn about the true french lifestyle.”


not many people here speak english, so getting used to the french was tough. luckily my school here, escem, makes us take a french class where i’m learning a lot. i am hopeful i’ll be able to get a decent grasp of the language by the time i leave. my ability to read and pronounce the words in addition to recognizing the words has improved and i have my background in spanish to thank for that.

i cannot believe it has already been a whole month. it simultaneously has gone by quickly and slowly. each week is full of surprises and something different than the previous, which makes my time here exciting. i can’t wait to see what the next couple of months have in store for me!